william alexander at nine months


oh this baby. he holds so much space in my heart. what joy he brings to our home. he’s much more of a baby/toddler than a newborn/infant these days. loves to eat (if you couldn’t tell lol). he gets little bits of what we’re eating. we totally skipped the pureed phase and waiting to introduce just small bits till about seven months or so. i have to say, it has been a lot easier doing it this way than with starting purees, like we did with micah and ethan. but that could also just be his disposition.

speaking of disposition, he has the sweetest. especially if you consider that he has eight teeth already! he started army crawling about a month ago and he’s been trying really hard this week to get up on his knees. but he’s got a lot to lift, so we’re giving him a break 😉 he also figured out yesterday how to get up to a sitting position on his own.

because he’s getting more mobile and older, he’s really loving playing and interacting with his brothers. it’s really sweet to watch their friendship evolve and makes all those sleepless nights almost worth it. i kid, i kid. and i do believe he inherited my curly hair!

we love you so much, william!