taking stock:: 08

this little squish is so yummy. he’s my chunkiest baby yet, and you best believe i smother him with kisses all day. the strawberry pie was yummy too, so I’ve been told. inspired by the strawberry pretzel salad present at every berner/allinson family get together, only less sugar, no cool whip and no jello. 

Making: a lot of one pot/pan dinners recently. i’m making this later in the week. 

Drinking: wine. i’m trying to grow my palette to enjoy the not so sweet wines. the latest was an argentinian malbec. 

Reading: baby-led weaning. it pains me that we are getting to that point with william. 

Wanting: to find a swimsuit. we’re going to the beach early this year. 

Feeling: tired. dst and motherhood. it should be like drugs and alcohol. don’t mix. 

Smelling: a little candle that i got from the target dollar aisle that smells like peonies. 

Listening: to some gershwin. a friend was recently playing some on his instagram stories and it really got me in the mood. 

Wishing: to see my family really soon. 

Loving: the sound of the two older boys laughing and playing well together. there are enough of the times when they’re crying or yelling at one another, that when ethan’s got his full belly laugh going, i can’t help but laugh too. 

Watching: this is us. why does the finale have to be tomorrow?!!


taking stock :: 06


Making: not much these days. i’ve still been getting some meals from my church family. but that’s about to slow down. but this is going into the crockpot tomorrow morning and should hopefully feed us for a few meals.
Drinking: vodka tonics and harvest beers (guess who’s not pregnant?!!)
Reading: slowly… harry potter and the cursed child
Wanting: to get the boys to a local farm to pick some pumpkin, eat some cider donuts, do all the basic fall things.
Listening: spotify’s acoustic autumn playlist
Looking: to plan the boys’ birthdays coming up
Playing: go fish with micah
Eating: pumpkin cobbler tonight!
Wishing: for some new jeans.
Enjoying: the newborn days with william.
Loving: the cooler weather!
Smelling: this candle i just got.
Feeling: content.
Wearing: lots of leggings and comfy shirts. and william 🙂
Following: this is us. such a good show!

taking stock:: 05

i didn’t think i was going to get any lilies this year, and yet, there it was sunday morning!

Making: balsamic glazed pork chops on the grill with roasted veggies. which reminds me, need to take the chops out of the freezer!
Drinking: nothing exciting. one of the downsides of pregnancy in the summer
Reading: i just check out Into Thin Air from the library.
Wanting: to choose a baby name. we are so bad at this. even though we know the gender, we still can’t agree! (i also got some baby name books out from the library…)
Listening: Keith Urban’s “Wasted Time”
Looking: forward to finishing up the boys’ bunk bed.
Playing: with friends this week! sometimes i’m terrible at making play dates for the boys, but they’re getting to see friends three times this week!
Eating: cherries. i still feel robbed of the twenty eight years of life that i thought cherries were disgusting thanks to my dad 😉
Wishing: i had more energy. i’m pretty good throughout the day, but i hit a wall at nine o’clock and can’t make it any further.
Enjoying: the summer, where I live, my family, my flower garden
Loving: this teddy bear. the boys have a teddy bear and “silky” elephant that they sleep with. i want to get that teddy bear for the new baby.
Smelling: ethan’s dirty diaper. i just changed him and haven’t taken it upstairs yet. #momsinreallife
Feeling: excited for the baby’s arrival. i’m looking forward to snuggling my own baby again (i’ve had a lot of friends have babies recently) and inhaling that sweet newborn scent. but not too soon! i don’t want to rush summer, and the baby still needs time to cook! and lots of baby movement. they’re feeling less and less like the soft, fluttery movements and more like the shots and jabs to my ribs.
Wearing: shorts and a tank top. pretty much every day this summer.
Following: the olympics… kind of?