Five things I’m currently loving

one :: call the midwife. I think I’ve said this before. But I am totally loving it. This season has been so good. My friend is watching it too, and so it is fun to talk about it with her. Our texts are basically, “did you watch last nights episode?” “Yes I did I sobbed at such and such moment and such and such moment” “me too!” Sunday night I made myself some popcorn and a decaf latte and covered myself in a cozy, soft blanket. Jerry came in and said, “well you’ve got quite the set up there!”

two :: Ethan. All three boys have gotten a fever this week. Ethan came in bed with us Sunday night. Then yesterday he got up early from nap before he was ready. So he sat with me on the couch and fell back asleep. It was really sweet until William woke up 20 minutes later and I had to get up. When he’s not sick, he’s got two pretty polar opposite attitudes. Sometimes, he’s really sweet, and gives you lots of hugs and kisses, and tells you that he loves you in earnest. Other times, ┬áhe gets feisty, charges at you with a growling face and is ready to fight. I’m not really sure what brings each of these out other tan to say #thisistwo. I love both Ethan’s equally. The one makes my mama heart swoon, and the other usually gives my tired and weary mama heart a good laugh.

three :: Mccormick’s montreal seasoning. It’s grilling season! I put this on basically any meat (even in our burgers) and serve it alongside some veggies and a carb.

four :: podcasts. Particularly one called Serial. But also that you can listen to them at time and a half. Friends just told me about this not too long ago and… mind blow.

five :: I’ve added arm and shoulder dumbbell and an abs routine to my workout routine. I’m not one to enjoy working out, or sticking with it other than running (except when I’m pregnant), but since Jerry has gotten some weights, I find it easier to stick with.


taking stock:: 08

this little squish is so yummy. he’s my chunkiest baby yet, and you best believe i smother him with kisses all day. the strawberry pie was yummy too, so I’ve been told. inspired by the strawberry pretzel salad present at every berner/allinson family get together, only less sugar, no cool whip and no jello. 

Making: a lot of one pot/pan dinners recently. i’m making this later in the week. 

Drinking: wine. i’m trying to grow my palette to enjoy the not so sweet wines. the latest was an argentinian malbec. 

Reading: baby-led weaning. it pains me that we are getting to that point with william. 

Wanting: to find a swimsuit. we’re going to the beach early this year. 

Feeling: tired. dst and motherhood. it should be like drugs and alcohol. don’t mix. 

Smelling: a little candle that i got from the target dollar aisle that smells like peonies. 

Listening: to some gershwin. a friend was recently playing some on his instagram stories and it really got me in the mood. 

Wishing: to see my family really soon. 

Loving: the sound of the two older boys laughing and playing well together. there are enough of the times when they’re crying or yelling at one another, that when ethan’s got his full belly laugh going, i can’t help but laugh too. 

Watching: this is us. why does the finale have to be tomorrow?!!