kicking off summer


oh man. do i ever have a lot to post about to get us caught up to the end of june. how is it already the end of june?! i knew the was going to happen… as much as we were excited for our beach trip a couple weeks ago (post coming next…), i knew that as soon as it came it would go and it would be august and the summer would be over. a little bit dramatic? maybe… but saturday is july first… so, am i right???


at the end of may, we met up with jerry’s parents in state college at penn state (where jerry finished his last two years of college). when we got to our hotel, we said our “hi’s”, i fed the baby, and then we were off to celebrate our… eighth anniversary. from like year six, to year nine, it’s really hard to keep straight what year you’re celebrating. anyway, it was really fun to see where he was for two years, our hotel was right around the corner from the apartment where he lived, and visit all the standard things to do at penn state. we even had creamery ice cream (i had something like a praline caramel ice cream which was divine). and as we drove home monday, and i was sitting next to micah, i couldn’t help but think this’ll be him in no time.

at the beginning of june, we went to a nearby farm and picked some strawberries with friends. the boys had lots of fun and did a really great job helping me pick eight and a half pounds! the only thing i actually got to make with them was strawberry shortcake the very first night, for dinner. the rest were eaten fresh. within a week! i couldn’t believe we ate them all fresh and so fast. now when we go to the farmers’ market, they think we’re going to the farm and are sadly disappointed. maybe we’ll go back for peaches!

all in all, summer’s off to a great start!


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