weekend links!

happy friday from this goofy boy who’s all about taking pictures of things he loves these days. also, according to ethan, being a “big boy” means running around doing karate naked 🤔 not sure where he got that idea from… certainly not jerry! what are you up to this weekend? we’re celebrating cinco de mayo tonight with authentic mexican from a grocery store in mount lebanon. then a birthday party for the boys, a nother’s day brunch for me, and hopefully finishing building the garden. 

how pretty is this dress!

this facebook sale group has saved me some money. and let’s be honest, spent some of my money too. 

pittsburgh drivers really are the worst. sorry friends. it’s true. the “pittsburgh left”?! soooooo dangerous. 

i would not mind getting this bouquet. the ranunculus!

we just got the boys a calendar to help them understand time. i think this daily chore chart is next. i’m so bad at giving the kids tasks to do but i know that is a disservice to them. 

have a good weekend!


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