william alexander at six months

how are you already six months old (it was really last week)?! it’s really unfair. 

at six months, william has two on the bottom and is cutting at least one on top. oh, and i gave him strep throat. sigh… i would have never known had it not been for his doctor testing a rash behind his knees. poor kid. despite all of that, he continues to be a pleasant baby for the most part. he has been a little more clingy, but that’s totally forgivable. 

he loves to jump in his johnny jumper, or will even jump in your hands. he also loves his brothers and watches them very intently. he’s not crawling yet, but will push on his toes when on his belly. he remains to be my best sleeper and yet also my fattest. i affectionately call him sir chunks a-lot. 

we all love him very much and look forward to when he wakes up. 


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