february was a very busy month. and for being a short month, it made it go by even faster. here’s what we were up to.

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we stayed with my sister this first week in february to help her with recovery from her surgery. i had all these hopes of getting a lot of projects done for her, but i was forgetting how much work seven kids are and just the normal tasks that come with taking care of them. but i know even that was a help and i truly enjoyed getting to spend a week with her. we got a huge snowstorm towards the end of our visit, and we all enjoyed getting ready for thirty minutes to play outside in the freezing cold for fifteen minutes 😉 so it goes. we just got over some sickness (ethan was still on an antibiotic for an ear infection while we were there) and then her boys were sick the next day after we arrived. turns out, it was strep throat. we all felt certain the rest of us would fall ill, but besides a cold for my sister and i which lasted a few days, no one else got sick! definitely god’s kindness towards us, considering we were all up in each other’s business. all in all it was a good trip. our drive home was rather eventful, starting with the van not starting, the dvd player not working and ethan dropping the ipad, but we made it home, no worse for wear.


with the exposure to strep throat, we ended up celebrating valentine’s day at home after the boys went to bed. jerry did most of the cooking/grilling (with a few little pointers here and there). we grilled some steaks, made some lobster tails, jalapeno poppers, veggies, bread and wine. it was really delicious. we definitely celebrated valentine’s day more this year than we ever had. i made a few crafts with the boys, and micah is still asking to make another panda since his is already thrown away from too much love. we had chocolate waffles with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast, and micah is still asking for chocolate waffles for breakfast. or, he’ll pretend to make chocolate waffles when playing with his kitchen.


this winter has been rather unlike winter and more like spring here in pittsburgh, so we’ve been taking full advantage of it with walks on the montour trail, or letting the boys monkey around the pleasant hills arboretum. and look at that hottie of a husband of mine. i’m ever so thankful to be doing life alongside him. (and looking forward to going out on a date tonight!)

IMG_0456IMG_0457IMG_0467the boys are growing by leaps and bounds and this time is going by all too quickly. i’m thankful for that perspective when removed from the daily frenzy and stress. life with three boys is loud and active. that’s for sure!

IMG_0475but sometimes, even loud, active, big boys get tired.


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