valentine 2017

img_0418happy valentine’s day! how did you spend your valentine’s day/week? here’s what we’ve been up to.

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img_0394img_0393we were supposed to go out saturday night for our date, but we were exposed to strep throat last week and so not knowing if we were carrying it, we cancelled our plans. i knew we had some omaha steaks in the fridge that jerry had gotten from work, so i thought i would just try to make a really special dinner for us once the boys were in bed. well, while i was at a book study that morning, jerry sent me a text asking if i would be ok with him making us a nice dinner after the kids went to bed! i’m such a control freak and jerry has only cooked dinner maybe five times in our almost eight years of marriage, so that’s why he asked. but it ended up being really fun! we bout some maine lobster tails, a tray of jalapeno poppers for appetizers and a bottle of wine and made a really nice night of it. and the boys were SO tired from their busy week, they went to bed right away.

i’m not sure what has come over me, but i took to pinterest monday and did an animal heart craft with the boys. doing crafts with the boys is not something i’m good at. being a control freak, i tend to want to get everything together, i want everything to look perfect, and not let the boys do any of the actual work. i know. it’s terrible. or, i look up ideas a few days in advance, get overwhelmed by all the possibilities and stress about the work and end up not doing anything. so this was a good compromise. i looked at pinterest. chose a craft. asked the boys which animal they wanted to make and just did it. did i have all the supplies? nope. (no googly eyes.) but we made it work. and they had a blast and are still playing with them today. micah had the great idea of putting them on straws.

tuesday morning i made chocolate waffles with whipped cream and strawberries with a side of bacon. i used a cake mix box. so unheard of for me. but trying to make things special for the boys right now means i have to give up on some of my (self-imposed) standards. and you can see by their faces, they loved it.

img_0417these totally did not work out the way i was hoping. but the boys had fun. no one cried. and i only lost my cool once.

we’re working on potty training with ethan this week, so we did lunch on a blanket in the family room. i cut their pizza in the shape of a heart and i don’t think they even noticed! i think part of my interest in doing crafts and valentines-y (it’s a word) things comes from their interest in it. micah loves doing crafts!

img_0421i got this card for jerry fromĀ emily mcdowell. it’s blank on the inside, but don’t worry. i filled it with wildly inappropriate things. i do love you so much jerry. you’re my first valentine forever and always.

friends are being gracious and watching the two older boys along with two of their friends friday night so we can go out on a double date.


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