taking stock :: 07

Making: for dinner tonight: marcella hazan’s tomatoe sauce which is our favorite with pasta anymore. bonus? costco sells the suggested cans of tomatoes!
Drinking: just the old stand byes for now: water and coffee. in the weekends, usually, something a little more fun. this past weekend? rum and cokes (pepsis.)

Reading: three books right now. i know, kind of silly for a mom of three. the life giving homeParenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family, and americanah.

Wanting: this dress from shabby apple. it’s so pretty and looks comfy.

Listening: to the la la land soundtrack. i’m still kicking myself for not getting to see it in theaters.

Playing: paw patrol with the boys. we recently checked a movie out from the library and they are obsessed!

Wishing: for some snow! why is it that when it’s cold, we don’t get any precipitation, but as soon as it warms up to fifty, we get rain for days?! i know there’s a scientific answer for it… but it’s just rather frustrating.

Loving: the pace of life we’ve settled in to since getting back home from christmas vacation. our falls will forever be busy (probably more than summers!) because of all the boys’ birthdays, my birthday, thanksgiving and christmas. and now micah will start school this fall. and now that the baby has settled into a routine, it’s fairly easy to know what our days are gonna look like.

Watching: i’m starting call the midwife! i’ve been wanting to watch it for years! finally getting around to it.


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