weekend links.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preseti love this little guy so much. he brings so much joy in to my life. i can’t believe he’ll be four months on sunday already!

what are you all up to this weekend? we’ve got some house projects to work on, like oil changes for the car, getting on my hands and knees and scrubbing the floor in the living room, dining room and kitchen, and maybe a few other things before the big steeler’s game sunday night.

twenty-one books from the last five years every woman should read. i won’t be reading all of these, but i did add a few to my library list. i’ve already read “the immortal life of henrietta lacks”. such a fascinating read! (also, does it make me shallow/trendy to want to read “wild” just because it was mentioned in the gilmore girls revival?! *don’t answer that*)

i was just thinking about getting our sophie the giraffe out for william, but now i’m having second thoughts. but more importantly, i’m kind of amazed by the pediatrician’s response that it’s not harmful.

i had so many of these same feelings when we found out about our (surprise) pregnancy with william. (but now?! i can’t imagine my life/our family without him! god is so much wiser!)

the most popular netflix shows in each state. i’m ashamed to say that for pennsylvania, it’s “shameless”.

the power of words. and excellent devotional from paul tripp. something i’ve been convicted of this week.

it’s time to end the bachelor. for reals.

have a great weekend!



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