five things i’m currently loving.


pc: alliemtaylor (take me there!)

it’s been awhile since i’ve done one of these.

one. when ethan starts singing jesus son of god. he usually does it in the most random moments and in the funnies voice, like he’s trying to ask a question. like the other day, as i was getting, william was lying on the floor and ethan crawled up next to him and said, “you laid down yo poorfect liyef? you are da sacwafice?!”

two. this is us. it’s so good. have you watched it? i love watching it with jerry. the story line is so good. and jack?! it’s so good to see such a good father figure in tv. i haven’t watched last night’s episode yet though so no spoilers!

three. my new coffee mug from target. currently sipping some chai tea in it. it microwaves well, which is a must for a busy mom of three boys.

four. this face wash i’ve been using for a couple months. i really struggle with dry skin and this has been a miracle this winter.

five. this sparkling water. i’m really trying to not drink as much soda (calories, hfc…) but i like having something besides plain water every once and awhile and this has been good. and it’s got a better price tag than spindrift.


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