christmas 2016.

christmas was almost a month ago. how did that happen?!  so much of it is already a blur, but i do remember it being a very nice time. the kids were so accommodating of us; we asked so much of them. skipped naps, meals they don’t enjoy, sharing a bed with one another, doing something somewhere different almost every day.

christmas morning, my mom and i worked together to create a special breakfast for the boys. she made the pancakes and i decorated them. micah was so excited for his snowman pancake, he didn’t want to cut it.

after lunch, we went over to jerry’s parents’ house. inbetween chasing kids, feeding the baby, catching up with family, i got to help jerry’s mom get dinner ready. don’t get me wrong, she did most everything, but it was fun getting to spend that time with her. such a sweet woman. her heart is definitely to love on people. she also works at a thrift store at the school jerry and i went to growing up and thought it would be funny to get us “kids” these sweaters as a gag gift. jerry’s looked like it belonged to carlton. keith’s looked like bill cosby’s. jen’s was from the 90’s. and mine was a straight up granny knit sweater vest. so funny.

on monday we did christmas with my family. my sister and her family stayed with us sunday night, so we all got to wake up together. we first did our stockings where it was a free for all. then we had breakfast, and then my mom picked up her dad so he could be with us for opening gifts.

such precious memories to be all together and share this time together. by far, the hardest part of living in pittsburgh is not being able to see our family more often. but that makes these moments that much more special.

img_0126i cry whenever i look at this picture. my poppop was diagnosed with alzheimer’s this past year. i definitely see things getting very confused for him. it makes me sad to think that my boys won’t really get to know their great poppop like i got to know mine. but this moment. i’m so glad they got to have a silly moment between each other.

my mom had these photos out while he was there. this is his mom and dad. I never met my great grandmom, but i did know my great poppop. he was such a special man. and isn’t she gorgeous?! my poppop lit up talking about his childhood and parents. it was so sweet.

so thankful for this guy who does life with me. it’s so crazy, and filled with lots of wild moments and crying/screaming kids, but it’s also filled with lots of wonderful and rewarding moments. i only wish i had seen this tom brady poster before christmas, because it would have been the perfect gift for him. *wink. wink*

lots of fun moments with cousins. we watched the muppets family christmas movie, on vhs. the commercials were almost better than the movie itself. i love the swedish chef; he’s my favorite!

two weeks before christmas, we got three inches of snow and it was barely double digits for a few days. during that time, i said watch, it’ll be sixty degrees on christmas. and it pretty much was. but on thursday that week, we got the littlest bit of snow, but it was perfect, and we made the most of it. ethan used his cuteness as leverage to have grammy pull him around on the sleigh. and william was none the wiser of our outdoor shenanigans as he was inside sleeping.

jerry, like the wonderful daddy that he is, made a snowman for his boys. my mom just sent a picture a couple days ago and it finally has melted.

we also got to see some friends (they even brought us jimmy’s for lunch – best hot dogs around!) before they move away. we didn’t know they’re moving away, so it’s nice we got to see them one last time.

another wagner christmas extravaganza in the books! how have we done this with kids five years now?!


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