happy new year! i’m working on a christmas post, but that one is a lot more involved.


i’m not one for making resolutions, per se, but while we were home for christmas vacation, i spent some time one afternoon thinking about our days/routines. this was an idea prompted by a book i’m reading for a ┬ástudy with friends. i wrote down all that i need/want to do and then figured out if they should be daily, weekly or monthly tasks. it was really helpful to see all the need/want to do in a week to better plan out my days with the boys.

img_0201i wouldn’t say i’ve been particularly good at following that list this week, but i would attribute that to just getting back after being gone for a week, finding a home for all the new toys, and cleaning up all the christmas decorations.

img_0206that tongue! some of the things on the list are obvious daily things like personal and family devotions, making the beds, and doing the dishes. but some other things that i’m trying to be more intentional about are having the boys have some chores (right now, it’s as simple as helping with the dishes/setting the table), exercising three times a week, wiping the dining room chairs off, learning time with the boys, cleaning up some before jerry gets home. i’ve really enjoyed this week already. even though i’m doing more during my days (i’m learning that my general disposition is to choose to be lazy and choose entertainment over getting things done) i feel happy about what has been filling them. even though i can get to the end of the day, not having crossed everything off the list, i don’t feel guilty about that, since it was simply a matter of not having enough time in the day, not that i was too lazy.

img_0207i finally got around to printing off william’s birth photos and hanging them! i also found on pinterest a schedule for some monthly deep cleaning. it chooses a couple of rooms each month (on a 6 month cycle) and gives you about five to eight cleaning tasks. i’m customizing it to fit the needs of our house/family. i also want to be more intentional with hospitality, date nights, play dates, and activities with the boys. these things all require planning to make them happen smoothly and more frequently. so i’m hoping to have people over once a month (or more), go on a date with jerry once a month (i’m sure some will be at home), have two play dates a month, and hit up the children’s museum once a month. i’m ok with doing m0re, but if i don’t plan for these, it’s usually either feast or famine in a week. i want to try to spread these things out more.

what i really want, is more awareness in how i’m choosing to spend my and my family’s timed. i want a clear conscience afterwards, knowing that i/we were glorifying god with our time.


talk to me.

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