weekend links

img_9992two more sleeps till christmas! today is going to be filled with lots of laundry and packing, and a christmas party to finish off the night. then we head home tomorrow morning for the week.

i made this homemade milk bath for friends and can’t wait to use mine.

liam neeson auditions for mall santa claus. so funny.

the most popular christmas toy the year you were born. mine was laser tag. i definitely remember some of these!

open table released the top one hundred restaurants in the country. pennsylvania has four.

a friend shared this beautiful image of eve and mary.

something to remember going in to christmas day.

But these difficult things remind us that our hope and peace is not in this world. The promise of enduring peace is found in Jesus Himself and in the world to come. It’s a peace that is for our souls, one that rises above the things around us, things mundane (like gifts and goodies) and things heavy to bear (like the death of a loved one). It’s a peace that works from the inside out.

michael fassbender and jimmy fallon face off in an air guitar battle.

i have loved this amazon christmas commercial from the first time i saw it. right on.


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