shadrack christmas light show


last night, jerry and i took the boys up to the shadrack christmas light show up near butler. what a wonderful experience! jerry kept saying he didn’t know who was enjoying it more, the boys or me. i love christmas, music and a show, and this was a wonderful combination of all three. it was well worth the $25 ($23 if you show your giant eagle card) and the hour drive. try to go on a weeknight, i hear they’re really busy on the weekends. we were able to take our time driving through. the boys got out of their seats and sat on our laps. if you’re looking for something else to do over christmas break, they’re open until january 8th! we all agreed that this will be part of our christmas tradition each year now!


it’s really hard to get flattering pictures in the dark, haha. such fun memories were made last night! here’s some clips of the light show. and like jerry said, it’s like fireworks, videos can’t do it justice.

shadrack light show.2016 from Kimberly Wagner on Vimeo.


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