downtown at christmastime

img_0051around four o’clock yesterday, we decided to head downtown with some friends who were planning to leave at four-thirty. we had been originally hoping to go saturday, but after snow and rain all day, it was just not in the cards. i’m so glad we went though!


the boys were mesmerised by the ice skaters and the lights on the tree. and they had fun looking at all the gingerbread houses in ppg. micah’s favorite was a polar express train. we had some five guys for dinner first, and enjoyed some nice conversation with some great friends. micah and ethan loved spending time with their friends “wukie and hannie” as ethan so affectionately calls them.


i’m so glad we went as it seems the boys really enjoyed it. as long as the weather cooperates, we’ll try to go to the shadrach light show tomorrow, since we had to cancel last tuesday because of the snow.

six sleeps till christmas!


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