christmas bucket list


this post has been in my draft folder for the last few days, waiting to be finished and i just haven’t gotten around to it till now. here’s what i’m hoping we’re going to squeeze in this one month of christmas celebration.

reading: all the christmas books. i picked up 10 or so books from the library and we’re reading through them over and over. such lovely illustrations and fun stories! and an advent plan with the boys at night. although i’m not too impressed. i’ve always seen the pins/blog posts for the advent reading plan for the jesus storybook bible, but it’s actually kinda lame. it just has you start at the beginning of the book, reading each chapter a day till the 24th. don’t get me wrong, i love the jesus storybook bible, but i don’t feel like this is advent enough. any suggestions?

listening: to all the christmas music. on repeat. michael buble, josh groban, vince guaraldi trio, little women soundtrack, the nutcracker, she & him, bing crosby, frank sinatra, andrew peterson’s advent album. so much wonderful music and only one month!

do: we already got our christmas tree (twice) and mostly decorated the house. jerry still needs to hang lights outside. we’re going to a music and lights show with the boys next week and i’m so excited (plus we’re going to get five guys for dinner beforehand and i haven’t had five guys in FOREVER). i’d like to take the T into the city (it would be the boys first time!) and see the tree, skating rink and displays at ppg. we’re also slowly watching all the good christmas classics. the boys have watched elf, charlie brown, rudolph (although it is still one of my least favorites of the classics). still so many more to go and so little time! we’ve already made sugar cookies, now on to the good christmas cookies! we may attempt a gingerbread house too.

i really love this time of year. snuggling on the couch, looking at the tree while reading christmas books. i woke up this morning and said to jerry this time of year is so much better than summer. waking up all snuggly in our bed with the warm covers laying on me. i’m not uncomfortable. it’s so nice. i’m always filled with renewed thankfulness for my family and all of my blessings this time of year. i’m ever so lucky to get to do life and start these traditions with my four boys.


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