img_9859we were able to go home for thanksgiving this year. i think the last time we went home was four years ago. we have so much to be thankful for this year. william. a raise. family. health. and so much more.

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img_9823this was the first time all the cousins were meeting william.


we stayed with jerry’s parents, but we had dinner with my family. my mom did most of the cooking, but i contributed corn pudding (i MUST make this more than once a year!) and my sister made these cute little teepee desserts for the kids. ethan managed to get some in his mouth, despite what it looks like. and micah gets in touch with his country roots, and carriers both a gun and baby.

the boys shared a room, and even though we brought the pack and play for ethan, he successfully climbed out of it and desperately wanted to sleep on the floor like micah. so we gave ethan his first chance at sleeping out of a crib. the boys stayed up late pretty much every night, and we were busy visiting with all our family, but i still had to lay with micah one nap time to get him to fall asleep. i’m thankful for those moments when he still seems like a (much more) little(r) boy to me. we did see jerry’s brother and his family, but the kids happily played with one another and we got to talk, that i didn’t even think of getting out my phone to take pictures.img_9854img_9855we went to get a christmas tree on saturday with my parents and sister and her family. it was quite chilly, but thankfully the rain held off. we had fun walking around and picking out a tree. too bad we never got a chance to put it up. that night, it seems like someone came and stole it off our van. now, jerry’s parents don’t live in a shady neighborhood, so it is quite possible that it was a prank/act of hooliganism (i just totally aged myself there), which makes me the most sad about it. it is so hard for me to believe that even drunk teens looking to cause mischief would stoop so low as to steal a tree off some family’s van. at least they can’t take the memories away. hopefully micah won’t only remember that our tree was stolen. anyway, we still need to get one.

all in all, we had a really nice time, and now that thanksgiving is over, bring on the christmas music and festivities!


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