on turning 30.


it seems quite surreal to me that today is my thirtieth birthday. in the months leading up to my birthday, i was kind of dreading it. could i really be thirty already?! but to be honest, i already felt like i was in my thirties. most of my friends already are. i’ve been married for over seven years, and have three children. most people aren’t even married by thirty these days. and yet, as i make the official entrance, it still doesn’t seem possible. wasn’t i just living in indiana?

i’m thankful for my life up to this point, and there’s hardly anything (major) i would change about it. but here are some things i would like to see happen in myself, or see myself do during this next year.

  1. read my bible more. (that’s the “good christian” thing to say) but honestly, i see the need for this to be the most improved upon in my life
  2. drink more water. i’m aiming for 80 oz. a day
  3. exercise more regularly
  4. play with the kids more
  5. laugh with jerry more. and just more in general. i can let myself get weighed down by the cares of life, and need to just laugh at things more often
  6. take a cooking class
  7. clean the bathroom more (lol)
  8. read more books
  9. watch less tv
  10. get outside more
  11. take the boys on adventures more and not worry about their behavior so much
  12. find a way to serve in my community
  13. go on more dates with jerry
  14. grow in hospitality
  15. eat less treats on a regular basis

i thought about trying to make thirty, but let’s settle with half of that.

tonight we’re ordering thai for dinner, and then we’ll celebrate over the weekend with friends. and i’ll celebrate with family when we go home for thanksgiving next week.

the photo is from this lovely instagram feed.


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