five things i’m currently loving


one. this kid. he’s always moving so i can’t even get a clear picture of him. should make getting a family photo for our christmas card interesting. he also climbed out of his crib five times this morning before the alarm even went off. he’s talking in full sentences now, and oftens responds with a snarky “what” whenever we call his name. which i know is largely attributed to the fact that i respond with a snarky “what”, after i’ve been asked the hundredth thing for the day. he’s our flight risk, too, trying to get outside whenever he can. this boy. i tell yeah. he sure does give us a run for our money in ways that micah never did, but i can’t stop loving him to death. i think my favorite part about him is his talking.

two. coffee. i don’t think i’ve ever been so tired (for so long) before in my life. except for maybe when i had mono in college. life is busy and full these days, and william is usually waking up to nurse when the boys go down for their naps/rests, so i haven’t had the ability to take a nap. i think i could go to bed at nine every night for a month and still not feel caught up.

three. this sea salt spray for my hair. most days i might get 10 minutes of quiet to get ready in the morning, so if i want to take a shower, that means by the time i’m done and dressed, i’m holding william or separating micah and ethan from a fight. which means, i don’t have much time, or free hands to spend on my hair. this is taming the frizz and curls quite nicely, and i can put some more in the second day and it still looks great.

four. the little women soundtrack. it’s like dipping your toes in the christmas music pool, without quite diving in before we even celebrate thanksgiving. but you better believe come black friday, i’ll be downloading my christmas playlist onto my phone.

five. hot cider with rum. warm up some cider on the stove, throw in some spices, let it simmer and then add some rum. so warm and comforting and yummy. i’d imagine it’s what stovetop potpourri tastes like. it’s like fall in your mouth.

and for your viewing pleasure, i leave you with this:

Micah dancing from Kimberly Wagner on Vimeo.


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