weekend links.

img_9743enjoying a morning at the park while we still can. what are you up to this weekend? jerry has to work most of saturday, so i’m trying to decide whether or not to try to brave the children’s museum with all three boys by myself. other than that, not too much.

how beautiful and delicious does this cake look?! i wish i had the skills because i’d have this cake and eat it too.

this guy photoshops himself into kendall jenner pics and it is so funny.

this used to be me, a lot, but i’ve come to see the value of having my home lived in and sometimes that means it stays a little dirty for awhile.

pittsburgh created a new app that allows you to scan the barcode on packaged foods and beverages and tells you the fat, saturated fat, sodium and sugar levels of the food. and then it’ll give you a red, yellow or green light indicating how high or low the content is, and if it’s good to eat.

Finalists For The 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. I think my favorite is. nope. they’re all favorites.

did you catch jimmy and justin singing “ironic” at summer camp? i love their bromance. and that justin can’t keep a straight face.

because us moms don’t have hours to spend on photobooks for each kid.

have a great weekend! thank you to all the men and women who serve our country. we are thankful for your sacrifice.


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