a fun little comparison


let’s keep things light and happy this morning.

last week, we had the boys well visits. yes, i took all three boys for their well visits: micah’s four year, ethan’s two year and william’s one month. i love our pediatrician’s office. i’ve taken to seeing the same pa every time, if possible. she even agreed to do all three in one visit, which the doctor/pa has to give approval for more than two checks at one visit.

because i took all three boys, by myself, they gave me two nurses to help me out. again, another reason why i love my pediatrician. micah got four shots, ethan one and william two. that was fun. said no mom ever. but we went for donuts after and that made everything better.

so here’s the fun comparison! another reason our pediatrician’s office is awesome is that i can go online and access all of the boys info. i don’t need to write it down anymore! i can go onto their website and give you the boys’ height and weight since birth.

so, at birth:
micah – 7’13” and 21″
ethan – 7’6″ and 21″
william – 7’14” and 20.75″

at one month:
micah – 10’1″ and 21.5″
ethan – 9’7″ and 22″
william – 9’6″ and 22.25″

at two years:
micah – 27″ and 33.5″
ethan – 25’6″ and 31.5″

at four years:
micah – 35’4″ and 39.75″

so, ethan is my tiny boy. he’s in the third percentile for height and eighteenth for weight.



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