halloween 2016


what a fun halloween this year was! i didn’t get any sort of fall/halloween decorations up this year. you know, new baby and all. i was given a mum back when william was born, but it died. i never watered it because i thought it was raining enough. i read something the other day that said you can’t get them too early in the season or they won’t last. so maybe it was my black thumb and the season. and the only pumpkins we have are from a craft the boys did with a sitter. oh well. next year! i’m determined to get stuff up for winter though.

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img_9705micah’s really been into outer space recently. we’ve been watching nasa videos on youtube, he got an outer space puzzle for his birthday, so it only seemed fitting to be an astronaut for halloween. i wanted to make him a helmet for his jumpsuit, but just never got around to it. you know, new baby and the boys birthdays/party. (see the recurring theme of my fall? it kind of makes me sad because it’s my favorite time of the year, and we didn’t even get to a farm this fall. but on the other hand (literally) i do have a new sweet little baby boy to hold, so i guess it’s ok.) anyway, he’s been wearing his costume all the time.

img_9709ethan was a fireman, which is fitting considering his love for fire (and trouble). i think this is the third year we’ve had a firefighter. we handed out glow wands as favors at the boys birthday party, thinking they could use them for trick or treating (my mom’s idea.) it worked great, and ethan would say “look at my star!” at everyone he passed. he really got into it, saying “trick or treat” and “thank you” at every house, and if jerry and i fell behind he’d say, “common mom/dad!” it’s fun having such a young talker.

friends came along with us and that made it even more fun.

happy november!


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