ethan’s second birthday

img_9690oh ethan. you are our spirited, fun-loving, thrill-seeking, danger-finding boy. in fact, everything about you is boy, to your core. the only fear you have comes from copying your (older) brother’s fears. you definitely have your own personality. and you are determined to find trouble. just this morning, you went outside by yourself, found matches, climbed up on top of micah’s bunk bed to jump on it (all in a twenty minute span of nursing william and changing him from a spit up mess). i’m pretty sure there’s a meme that says something like, “things you never thought you’d have to say as a mom: ‘stop licking your brother’s face'”. yup, said that one this morning in target! the other night as i was trying to snuggle you before bed, and held you like a baby, like i used to do, many moons ago, you found great joy in pretending to kick me with your leg. you love to make people laugh! and you make us laugh every day.

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the day before ethan’s birthday we had a birthday party for him and micah.  we had friends and grandparents. it ended up being a beautiful day, so we were mostly outside. jerry organized an egg and spoon race, and a three legged race. it was really funny watching a bunch of 2-5 year olds try to follow the directions and run while being taped to someone.

and then on his actual birthday, we gave him our presents (which we actually almost forgot to do, after so many days already of getting gifts.)  we went out to lunch with jerry’s parents before they headed back home, watched a favorite movie and played with all his news toys.

i hope you enjoyed your birthday, buddy!


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