taking stock :: 06


Making: not much these days. i’ve still been getting some meals from my church family. but that’s about to slow down. but this is going into the crockpot tomorrow morning and should hopefully feed us for a few meals.
Drinking: vodka tonics and harvest beers (guess who’s not pregnant?!!)
Reading: slowly… harry potter and the cursed child
Wanting: to get the boys to a local farm to pick some pumpkin, eat some cider donuts, do all the basic fall things.
Listening: spotify’s acoustic autumn playlist
Looking: to plan the boys’ birthdays coming up
Playing: go fish with micah
Eating: pumpkin cobbler tonight!
Wishing: for some new jeans.
Enjoying: the newborn days with william.
Loving: the cooler weather!
Smelling: this candle i just got.
Feeling: content.
Wearing: lots of leggings and comfy shirts. and william 🙂
Following: this is us. such a good show!


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