Two weeks.

img_9061What is there to say? William is wonderful. He’s such an easy baby so far. He’s nursed and slept great from the start. He’s so sweet and beautiful and it seems just like yesterday he joined our family, but it also feels like he’s always been around since he fits in so seamlessly.

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Of course, I say all that, having the most wonderful support system in the world. Jerry was home for the first week and was a huge help with the older boys. He loved on them to make sure they weren’t jealous or feeling left out, but also kept them occupied and helped run off some of their crazy energy. His parents came and visited for a couple days. And then my mom has been here for the last week. It’s always such a blessing to have her here. She fits right in, and becomes super grammy. She buzzes around the house playing with the kids, cleaning up the kitchen, folding laundry, snuggling and changing diapers on the new one, and even makes time to talk with me. She’s truly amazing. Sadly, she left this afternoon. And while I don’t feel as intimated by the thought of staying home with three kids as I did with two (and even one), she will be missed.

So yes, we’re all doing well over here. I say that having done nothing since my mom left except nap and take care of the kids, yet there’s laundry and dirty dishes. But that’s OK. I’ll get to that later. Tomorrow is my first day all by myself as a mother to three!


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