pity party, table for one.


wow. it sure is easy to feel sorry for yourself in the last few weeks of pregnancy. yeah, i’m uncomfortable. there’s the heartburn, the braxton hicks, the back pain, the peeing every thirty minutes, the lack of sleep, the kickboxing from the inside-out… and on and on.

it’s not only god’s kindness to us women to help us forget how difficult labor is, but also to forget how difficult the end of pregnancy is.

but i’ve definitely gotten in a self-absorbed rut this week. feeling sorry for myself and the discomfort i’m in. and kind of making sure my family knows how uncomfortable i am, and basically serve me.

i read something recently that said waiting for the baby to come on god’s perfect timing is one of our first sacrifices of motherhood. it’s so true. motherhood is filled with sacrifices. and i’ve been expecting my kids to age beyond their years and see how i’m feeling and behave perfectly. (not that i don’t think god doesn’t give our kids that extra measure of grace when us tired mama’s need it.)

so after taking a little rest with micah, hearing god speak conviction into my sinful attitude and repented, i brushed my teeth, put on some mascara (two things that make me feel at least a little put together) and am praying for a better afternoon.

because really, this baby does have to come out at some point. they won’t be in there forever. and, as anxious as i am to get over this “phase”, i’m also not entirely ready for the next. and don’t get me wrong, we’re still going to have the baked lemon butter tilapia instead of fish tacos because that’s a heck of a lot easier and i think the kids probably would turn their noses at the tacos.


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