weekend links

Don’t get me wrong. I am all Buzz in this picture. PSL’s, cooler weather, sweaters, the smells of fall, soups… BRING IT ON! It’s supposed to be back in the 80’s/90’s next week, so I don’t feel bad for enjoying it this weekend. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

I’m a Michael Fassbender fan, so this movie intrigues me. I should probably wait till it comes out on Redbox though, and hope that most of the postpartum hormones have died down so I don’t dissolve into a blubbery mess.

My poppop was recently diagnosed with early stage alzheimer’s, so trials like this bring me both hope and worry. I don’t know if he’d ever get the chance to try the drug, but just thinking about others. I’m thankful for the ability to make new discoveries (within reason…) in medicine, but they come with a risk. Some of these side effects are scary and real. But thankfully it seems they were on top of it and no one (yet) has suffered permanent, devastating effects. But that’s just it, it’s still new, so who knows what the long term effects of being on this drug can be. This whole issue, (being on prescription drugs for a long time) is really difficult for me. So many positives and negatives!

Jerry and I celebrated seven years of marriage back in May. And up until this year, he never even showed an ounce of interest in (college and professional) basketball. But this year, he got into it. Football, I can handle and show some interest in. But basketball? It’s probably one of my least favorite sports to watch. (I mean real sports; golf doesn’t count; it’s not a sport.) I’d watch baseball before basketball. Anyway, I can at least appreciate this guy’s dunking abilities.

CONFIRMED: Planned Parenthood Killed Young, Black Woman in Botched Legal Abortion. This is beyond tragic.

Free kids meals on Sundays. Don’t worry, Chipotle, I’ll still give you my business!

A Mary Poppins sequel?! We’ll see…

Every American Should Read QB Russell Wilson’s Reasons for Not Joining in Kaepernick’s Flag Protest


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