weekend links.


this moment was such a nice refresher yesterday. we had kept the boys up late the night before, and of course they still woke up at 7. on top of that, they are fighting off slight colds (i’m pumping them with emergen-c in hopes of nipping this), so there was lots of whining. even though he really needed a nap, micah had a hard time settling down for one, until i laid down with him. my first baby and my third baby.

waist trainer disaster. this was on the tv at my doctor’s office and i was literally holding back tears watching this. i can’t believe what this woman has done to her body, all in the pursuit of “happiness”.

why the media isn’t showing you louisiana’s historic flooding.

Ellen DeGeneres Posts Joke Usain Bolt Photo and Is Immediately Accused of Being Racist. get a backbone america. it was a compliment.

how pretty is this backyard movie night?!

Amazon’s Best-Selling Beauty Products That Actually Work.

It’s Heartbreaking That Olympic Sprinters Get Disqualified for a False Start. It’s Also Just. i can’t even imagine.

dick van dyke sings chitty chitty bang bang at a denny’s. now i want to show the boys chitty chitty bang bang

homemade olympics. hahaha!

have a great weekend!


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