guilty or innocent

so, my sister did a little q&a on her youtube channel and i thought it would be fun to do it as well.

1. Saying you are letting a dish “soak” when in reality you just don’t feel like washing it – I believe innocent… if I “soak” a dish, I think it is for a legit soak.
2. Restart dryer to avoid folding – innocent again.
3. Hide when eating so you don’t have to share with kids – uh… definitely guilty
4. Obey the 5 second rule – i believe the correct response would be innocent, as in, i believe the condition of the floor/ground is more pertinent than the length of time it’s spent on the floor.
5. Say it is an hour later, so you can get the kids into bed – innocent
6. Rewashing laundry because you forgot to switch it over to the dryer – guilty… especially with the cloth diapers.
7. Wiping the dirty spots on the floor with a rag and convincing yourself you “mopped” – innocent, only because i have a bad mopping standard
8. Ask the hubby to pick up take out/call for take out because you forgot to thaw something – guilty
9. Let kids run around in diapers/undies because all their clothes are in laundry – innocent
10. Wash dishes by hand because you don’t want to unload dishwasher – innocent. i will never willingly wash dishes by hand.
11. Clean more in 10 minutes before a guest arrives than you have all week – hmmm, i think innocent. if i know company is coming, i try to tackle it ahead of time.
12. Dropping something on floor and instead of cleaning it up call the dog – innocent. no dog.
13. Remove makeup before you go to bed or leave it on – more often than not, leave it on.
14. Place blanket over wet spot, so you don’t have to change the sheets in the middle of the night – kind of a gross question… but innocent.
15. Wear jeans multiple days in a row if they look clean – totally guilty. i don’t own enough jeans to only wear once.
16. Eat the scraps off your kids plate because you don’t have time to make your own meal – innocent
17. Eating kids stash of Halloween or Easter candy – heh, guilty 😀
18. Say your child is allergic to something so you don’t have to share – no, innocent
19. Put wrinkled shirt back in the dirty clothes even if it is clean so you don’t have to iron – probably guilty
20. Procrastinate getting in the shower but then don’t want to get out – innocent. showers are wasted time. nothing gets done.
21. Rehearse argument in head just “in case” – unfortunately guilty
22. Ignoring text for days then saying “OMG my reply never when through” – innocent
23. Snooping in other peoples bathroom cabinets – guilty if looking for toilet paper, bandaids or feminine products count.
24. Turn radio down in car when lost or looking for a number on a house – guilty, remove all distractions!
25. Use perfume flyers that come in magazines – guilty
26. Lied about your age – i’m pretty sure innocent. i was a goody goody growing up. (side note, is it goody too shoes? goody two shoes? autocorrect says “two”)
27. Lied about your childs age to get a better deal – um, innocent
28. Given someone the wrong number on purpose – innocent. no one ever asked for my number lol.
29. Peed in the shower as an adult – innocent. i’m pretty sure jerry would die if i did lol.

any you want to answer or you were surprised by my answer?


talk to me.

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