grammy’s birthday!

IMG_8043a couple weekends ago, my parents came out to celebrate my mom’s birthday. after some sneaking and planning, my dad and i were able to pull the whole trip off as a surprise. she didn’t know till the morning they left they were coming out!

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IMG_8142IMG_8143so friday morning we got ready for grammy and pops to come! we got the guest bedroom ready (which will also be the nursery). i made a cherry and blueberry pie. i think ethan was upset because he wanted to eat the cherries and blueberries, but i told him they needed to go in the pies.

IMG_8147IMG_8153IMG_8195IMG_8196it was so nice to have this little surprise trip planned. originally, we weren’t going to see them again till labor day weekend (and that’s assuming baby is staying put and i feel comfortable traveling over four hours away). so i’m really glad it worked out. saturday was pretty rainy, so we did lots of playing inside. we got to play qwirkle and ticket to ride while the kids were napping, or in bed.  one of our favorite past times with my family.

IMG_8198the boys loved having their grammy and pops around for a few days. but they also really loved playing with grammy’s birthday balloons.

happy birthday, grammy! so glad we got to celebrate with you!


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