weekend links.


ethan just got over a cold, and cold weather is only approaching. and with a new little one going to be around, i can’t wait to try out this zarbee’s chest rub.

Nice Cargo Shorts! You’re Sleeping on the Sofa. (somewhat guilty of this)

i want to get some new pillows for the couches. these are pretty and the right price.

i miss michael scott.

“When you go through suffering your life is shaped by it. But listen, it’s different for a Christian. When you trust in Christ, He uses your suffering to shape your faith and make you more holy. You will never be who you were before you suffered, and going forward, your life will be shaped by the suffering you have experienced.”

who said it trump or jesus. the answers are obvious. but what stood out to me is that a man who has said such things stands a chance at becoming our next president. lord save us.

have a good weekend!


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