where they are now.

Ethan. 21 months.
it seems like one day ethan woke up and was no longer a baby. he’s constantly on the go. always interested in what his big brother is doing, and wanting to do it alongside of him. and maybe that’s why it seems he has grown up so much faster than micah did. he has a big brother to look up to and wants to be just. like. him. for the most part, it’s sweet to see the way he looks up to his brother. it’s only a problem when he wants to do something when he’s just not ready to do it yet. he’s talking a lot too, which is also something that’s different from when micah was this age. throughout the day, i’ll hear “i don’t like that.” “where daddy go?” “where dida (micah)?” “a hel-me-pees (help me please, but it’s all one word when he says it)” “mama-hmmm (hold)””dee (with a hand wave) (pretending to go bye’s)” “i want to go hommmme (which is synonymous for just leaving)” “i want phone” and probably lots more i’m forgetting. he still has quite the temper. at this point, he’s throwing himself prostrate on the floor when he doesn’t get what he wants. i always thought he had quite the temper!

Micah. 3 and a half years.
while ethan no longer seems to be a baby, micah no longer seems to be a toddler. i was just saying to jerry the other day that i think he’s done a lot of maturing in the last month. i can see that the wheels are constantly turning in his little brain, trying to figure out what’s going on. he’s always asking about what we’re doing or what’s going on or what something is. he’s not really asking why yet. and while it can drive me crazy sometimes hearing him ask the same questions over and over again, every time we get in the van, i’m also glad, because i know it means he’s learning. he’s getting to be more adventurous, climbing on things at the playground that he would have normally shied away from. he definitely has a timid heart. he’s doing better with talking to adults instead of running away yelling when they say hi to him. and those funny little speech slips are getting fewer and fewer (i’m sure gonna miss those!) he loves his little brother too, always making sure he isn’t going to get hurt or in trouble.


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