weekend links.

went to bed last night with a heavy heart, again. i just really don’t know what more to say about it. i am sad for the families that lost loved ones. i am sad for their friends. i am sad for the people who are deceived into thinking that these attacks are the answer. what can i do?

here are some people doing good in the world.

a manifesto against “parenting”.

where the church (at large) fails at talking about sex.

micah is getting interested into space/spaceships so it was cool when we could hear what jupiter sounds like as a spacecraft passes.

there’s a difference between “true” and “helpful”. i am trying to understand this principle more and more.

this dress is really pretty. albeit impractical for the next year of my life.

BIG shocker… *eyeroll*

if trump were a mime. this is hysterical.


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