hidden valley vacation

over the 4th of july weekend, we went to hidden valley resort, where we stayed at a house with jerry’s family for vacation.


IMG_7461IMG_7467IMG_7471IMG_7491IMG_7494IMG_7497we were all set and ready to spend lots of time outdoors swimming and having lots of fun in the heat, and it was barely seventy degrees most of our time there. so on sunday we decided to take a trip up to the city and take the kids to the children’s museum. the kids had so much fun! i’m so glad we took them. we’ve had a membership since january, but this was actually jerry’s and my first time getting to take the boys there together. they have a daniel tiger exhibit right now which was a total hit. all of the kids love daniel! we saved the water room for last. we didn’t want to pull out all the stops right when we got there and lose the kids interest before we were ready to go home. at that point it was probably close to four. micah took a spill, and i noticed after a few minutes of snuggling him, he had fallen asleep! i can’t remember the last time he did that. i soaked up every moment of that tender moment with him. he’s not too big yet, thank god!

the fireworks were amazing, and were only about fifteen minutes away. next to staying up till one am almost every night talking with my sister in law, my favorite part was seeing our kids playing with their cousins. they don’t get to see them very often so i’m thankful for opportunities like this to allow the kids to form memories with each other.

we took a little nature walk on monday, trying to make the most of the outdoors before the rain moved in. the girls picked flowers and made bouquets. the boys climbed trees and jumped all about. the older kids got to walk across a little creek. later that night we went out to red lobster to celebrate jerry’s mom’s birthday.

we had such a great time!


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