keystone state park

IMG_7262IMG_7265it all started off with wanting to do something fun on friday. jerry was getting out of work a few hours early, which happens every two weeks (or so), and i wanted to make the most of the time. summer is here! there’s so much fun to be had. how is it almost july?! wait your turn! we have to do all the fun things! the lake, hikes, ice cream, teaching micah to ride his bike, playgrounds, splash pads! we’ve already done some of these things, but i want to do more!

IMG_7269IMG_7275IMG_7280since the closest lake is an hour away, we decided to make a camping trip of it. we kept it very simple, one night, and just made our food over the fire, or brought it already cooked. friends graciously let us borrow their tent, lantern and chairs, making the trip possible. the izze was my pregnant friendly “wine cooler”. *desperate times…*

IMG_7283IMG_7297IMG_7300IMG_7308IMG_7309IMG_7314keystone is a really nice state park. i’m somewhere in the middle of the camper spectrum. i’m not into rustic, i.e. hole in the ground for a toilet, but it still has to feel like camping, i.e. i prefer a tent/cabin. the bathrooms were pretty modern, the sites nice and clean, and the beach was beautiful. we didn’t get to check any of the trails out or anything, as we were only there for a day, but we might check it out again in august.

IMG_7322IMG_7324IMG_7325sleep went as to be expected with camping with toddlers. we all slept on an air mattress together. we had a stretch in the middle of the night when ethan was awake, but i think that was because he’s such a mover when he sleeps, and woke up from our presence. add on to that the fact that i’m now in the stage of having to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, it took him awhile to fall back asleep. but then he slept till eight! i could hardly believe it. too bad micah was up at six. oh well; it was one night, and totally worth it.

IMG_7330IMG_7335IMG_7343IMG_7345these boys are everything to me. i’m so thankful i get to live life with them. they really enjoyed having the sand to play with, in addition to the water. i may take a day trip by myself with them at some point. it seems way less intimidating to take them by myself to the lake than to a public pool.

IMG_7350when we left, we didn’t even make it ten minutes down the road and they both were passed out and slept the entire drive home. i consider our first camping trip a success!


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