weekend links.

475cb1163d41830c46e0bed2f222295fwhat are you up to this weekend? we’re going to take the boys camping for their first time! it started off by me looking for a lake for us to going swimming at over the weekend, forgetting we live in the city. so… closest lake is an hour away. so let’s make a trip of it! we’re gonna keep it pretty low key, just one night, and set the expectations low, that way we’re not disappointed! we’re also having friends over for dinner. and maybe we’ll start working on the bunk beds, if we’re not completely pooped.

dance like yo daddy. this was one of those laugh out loud moments, trying to cover it up, because jerry is looking at me funny, having no idea what i’m watching.

what a sweet story.

if you’re in the market for some new eye liner, which is the only thing i’ve tried from them at the moment, check out colour pop (and at that price tag!). i’ve got some brow product coming and i’ll let you know what i think.

anna kendrick, james corden sing ‘soundtrack to a love story’ — and it’s delightful. can you tell i love this sort of thing?

i am so happy to see some progress being made in the wilkinsburg shooting.

maybe you’ve seen the uprise over the uk voting to leave eu, but could someone explain to me how this affects us? from what i can gather and can make sense, it seems mostly economical. am i right? i’m trying to care more about stuff like this.

i went to the farmers market yesterday, and within a half hour of being open, the stand i normally go to  was already out of blueberries! so i had to go to a different stand. anyway, when i came back to my usual stand, i was talking with the guy, telling him that the main reason i came was to get blueberries to make blueberry buckle for our camping trip. he had no clue what i was talking about. have you heard of it or is it an amish/pennsylvania dutch/nepa sort of thing?

i need a reason to make this, stat!

have a great weekend!


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