weekend links.


we got training wheels and a helmet for micah for his bike for him to learn while we were on vacation. well, between the flat tire, hills, sloped rode, and difficulty of learning, he has no interest in it. at least the helmet is getting some use. ethan, stop growing!

what are you up to this weekend? we’ve got the usual going on… the never ending house projects, walks, maybe some strawberry picking since it’s the last weekend to do it. and then father’s day! looking forward to celebrating jerry.

james corden is pretty funny. did you see his opening number for the tony awards?

it’s pretty infuriating how selective the news media can be. chick-fil-a takes a biblical stance on homosexuality and it’s plastered all over the news… chick-fil-a shares the love of christ by donating free food in the wake of the orlando tragedy? nothing. (it’s a real shame too, because this is a wonderful example that even though they don’t approve of their life choices, they still believe the victims/people helping the victims deserve support and love. which is christ’s message.)

no bake salted dark chocolate cookies bars. um? yum.

“my doula is a 3-month-old baby so she, like, gets it.”

i love a great pair of socks (in the winter). a socks company with a mission similar to toms.

i made this for dinner last night. so yummy. so easy. so cheap.

have a great weekend!


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