poconos’ vacation

while my parents don’t technically live in the poconos, people from out of the area often refer to their home as being in the poconos. and since we took a two day vacation to an actual pocono region, we’ll just call this vacation our poconos’ vacation. we stayed with my parents friday through thursday as a staycation this year, as opposed to our normal trip to ocean city new jersey.

we started off our trip celebrating national donut day. my sister and her family stayed at my parents’ too, so we had lots of fun being all together.


before we headed off to great wolf lodge on monday, we got to watch my niece, bella, run in her school’s race for education. it was fun to watch her run and see her goofy personality shine, even as she was running. we also got to see a lot of old friends, since a lot of them send their kids to the same school. once we got to the lodge, the kids were so excited to get into the water park. ethan didn’t really enjoy it until tuesday. micah loved it from the start. i was so impressed with him. normally he hates water getting in his face, and can even get overwhelmed in situations like this. but i was so proud of him and happy for him that he was able to enjoy it. he even went down a tube slide in a tube with jerry and i several times! it was really nice to just get to enjoy him too. there was hardly any disobedience and need for correction/discipline which just doesn’t happen in normal life, so i was able to just have fun with him! it probably helped that he wasn’t too adventurous, so i never feared for his life.


ethan pretty much considers himself to be a big kid. he refused to sit in high chair or booster seat around his cousins. he just wanted to be like everyone else! so taking on a piece of pizza and his own ice cream was no big deal. we shared a room with my sister so that the adults could still hang out after the kids went to bed. it brings me so much joy that my kids get to enjoy growing up with their cousins. i have such wonderful memories of spending nights with my cousins/grandparents, that i’m so thankful to be able to carry on that tradition. micah got to sleep on the bottom bunk for the first time. he was so excited, although he would have preferred the top bunk. soon enough, bud. daddy’s going to start building yours soon! he shared the bed with his cousin, but they were so exhausted, that they didn’t cause any trouble! great wolf lodge was probably my favorite part of the vacation.

the rest of our time was just hanging out at my parents’ again. and catching up on sleep. (i still am!) can’t wait to see them all again over labor day (as long as baby is still showing signs of staying put for the two more weeks they’re supposed to have)!


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