weekend links


my little helper. i was working on my plans for the flower garden the other day, and he was working on… not quite sure. we’re supposed to have really nice weather this weekend. i’m hoping to get to the greenhouse to get flowers. and jerry and i are going out saturday night to celebrate our seventh anniversary!

let’s just say, if this happens, we will not be watching frozen 2.

if you only click on one link, click on this one. a powerful post on christian suffering.

it’s so easy for me to get caught up in all the healthy eating trends. this article is a good reminder for me to think critically about new information , not jump on the latest bandwagon and not put my trust in something as silly as food/trends.

Human touch of Cuddler program helps Pittsburgh’s heroin-addicted babies. this is awesome.

blake shelton tries sushi for the first time on jimmy fallon. i love this and feel the same way. just give me a burger!

helium beer test. i laughed so hard at this. (the guy on the left kind of reminds me of ricky gervais.)

have a great weekend!


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