taking stock:: 04


Making: plans for the house: the boys room, flower garden, picture frames… the list goes on and on.
Cooking: caramelized pork tacos for dinner.
Drinking: arnold palmers, iced caramel macchiatos
Reading: i just finished mockingjay and alm finally almost finished “bringing up bebe”. any suggestions for what i should pick up next? should i get into the divergent series? is it too close to the hunger games (i kind of get that feel from the movie previews).
Wanting: more sleep. just being honest. i don’t think we’ve gotten to bed before 11 in over a week.
Looking: forward to our mini vacation with my family next weekend.
Eating: sandwiches and fruit. always a theme for me during pregnancy.
Wishing: that I had more time in the day. To read, to write, to talk to the kids, to cook food, to do the laundry, to work out, to meditate.
Enjoying: the return of warmer weather.
Loving: ethan’s developing personality. while one minute he can be persistent/demanding and throwing a fit because i’ve said “no”, the next minute he is so sweet, doing something silly like blowing raspberries instead of giving me a kiss. how he wants to do everything like his big brother. have two kids is awesome.
Hoping: for a nice anniversary date this weekend.
Listening: my summer playlist that i’m working on on spotify.
Feeling: tired.
Wearing: these birkenstock sandals that i got this spring.
Watching: the last season of person of interest, although, i willingly fell asleep during last night’s episode. i just couldn’t keep awake.


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