58f4aba4ac0b86c63408e2c938f5e7bethe only photo i managed to get my entire trip, and not even a great one at that (because i was more focused on driving than trying to get a picture of the double rainbow in indy.)

i had a really nice visit to bloomington last weekend. it started off with finishing all but two chapters of mockingjay (finally!) and a smooth drive for the most part. i got in pretty late thursday, so there was mostly just catching up with my friends jeff and amanda, and their kids. (and staying up till almost 1am finishing the last two chapters of mockingjay. i had to know!)

friday, i spent more time with amanda and her kids that were still at home. then, after lunch, i met up with my friend kyla and her kids at a park so that we could enjoy talking. later, her husband ben came and picked up the kids, which allowed us to pick up our friend hannah and go out to dinner (some good mexican food that unfortunately gave me some awful heartburn for the first time this pregnancy later that night). after dinner, i met up with some friends at uptown for dessert and lattes.

saturday morning was more time spent with the ewers and then i met up for lunch and shopping with kyla, and then some more time with hannah, seeing the apartment she and her family are about to move into. jeff and amanda took me out to dinner just the three of us (and their one and a half year old) which was really nice. afterwards, we went to an art show/awards ceremony at a local christian school where a lot of my friends send their kids.

sunday, i got to enjoy worshipping with my old church family before heading back home. (listened to a not as riveting audiobook, bringing up bebe. had to stop listening a couple times because i was zoning out too much.)

i came away from this trip feeling blessed. blessed, that jerry would give me the opportunity to visit my friends while he stayed behind with the boys. blessed, that i was able to pick up with old friends as if nothing had changed. blessed, to see the “little” girls i used to live with all grown up and turning into beautiful, godly ladies. blessed, to see friends that i haven’t seen in three and a half years. blessed, to think back on my time with jeff and amanda, and see how much they have blessed and influenced my life. blessed, to think that i could have that same impact on people in my life now.

i was sad to leave, but happy to return to my family.


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