weekend links

1ea915d0634ea3f3d22e2354267d5af9little boys in overalls. always and forever.

should christians vote for the lesser of two evils?

chilck-fil-a for the win. interesting thought… why is it okay for target to take a stand on this controversy, but not cfa? (spoiler: i know the answer.) #doublestandard

i always knew it was wrong to buy light up shoes. maybe it was for a different reason, but hey!

“trumped”. hilarious!

as i read this article headline, about woody allen and his daughter, i thought, wow i never heard about this. read the article and you’ll know why.

how pretty is this leather cuff?  i like this one too. so reasonably priced!

and supposedly caitlyn jenner is having second thoughts.

have a great weekend!



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