life lately

i’m getting ready to leave this afternoon for a trip to bloomington, indiana (where i spent 3 1/2 years during my college years). it’s weird only having to pack for myself. jerry so graciously offered to stay home with the boys so that i could really enjoy my time. it’s been about 3 1/2 years since i’ve seen everyone!

IMG_6533IMG_6535IMG_6544IMG_6572IMG_6574IMG_6578a few weeks ago, my aunt and cousin came to visit my other cousin who is currently going to grove city university. they stayed at our house for the weekend, which they’ve done a few times in the past. saturday turned out to be a beautiful day, so we drove downtown, grabbed some franktuary hot dogs for lunch and walked over to point state park where the fountain was up and running. it’s so beautiful down there, and besides the fact that there is no fence/gate protecting small children from the river (i never really noticed that before, but now bringing my small children, how is that possible?!) there was plenty of space for the boys to run around and have fun. i even took a picture of two gentleman from england. they just finished a business trip and were literally just starting their (hopefully) 6 day bike ride trip to maryland on the great allegheny passage. visiting the point is¬†definitely a new favorite thing to do in our city.

IMG_6648IMG_6663we had several days of not quite good enough to play outside weather, which we already had just gotten through the winter of that (although it was not a harsh winter at all! the boys only wore their snowsuits once or twice!), so i resorted to some new activities to help us with the cabin fever. we did some ooblek, which micah was really not in to at first, but then really got in to it. i’m also trying to let the boys help me with normal chores around the house, like unloading the dishwasher and laundry. it’s surprisingly helpful.

hopefully some warmer, dryer weather will stay around here soon!


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