weekend links.

i am so thankful for these sweet moments. they seem to be fewer recently. we’ve got some more house projects going on this weekend. maybe even hopefully starting to work on the boys’ new bunk bed. a birthday party saturday night, and a cookout sunday afternoon with some friends for mothers day. hopefully the weather will be nice!

i had no idea luke bryan had experienced so much loss.

even seth meyers can see how poorly we treat our teachers.

what if bears killed 1 in 5 people. a video trying to shed light on our responsibility to intervene with sexual assault.

follow chris pratt on instagram. he’s either posting something really sweet about his family or something hysterical. i love it all.

in case you’ve missed it, a letter to moms from joanna gaines.

this one was really good too.

i’m not really sure how i’ve gotten by during my other two pregnancies without getting a maternity swimsuit, but i definitely will need one this summer. so far i’ve only found this one or this one. i didn’t like any at old navy or asos. any recommendations?

happy mothers day and have a good weekend!


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