where they are now

it is probably not a good idea to be writing a post like this this morning, as my boys just left me for the weekend. i already miss them.

9a1cac7122e3151ea2c1d67b5c8e30f3ethan: 18 months. oh this little guy. he’s growing up so fast these last few weeks. he’s starting to add so many words to his vocabulary, i am certain he will talk at an earlier age than micah. second child percs. he’s just got the last of his canines. we also got rid of his paci last month. he had bit the tip off our last one and i wasn’t about to buy new ones. thankfully that transition went well. post nap time is probably his (and my) least favorite time of day. he can throw the biggest fit and scream and cry and throw any snacks/drinks i might give him to try to help the situation. not really sure what to do about this. but i love you anyway, ethan maxwell!

244b83b2d58dd9a3d43f85f2d6b0e846micah: 3 1/2 years. this boy is growing up so much too. he’s developed an opinion about what he wears, sweatpants, (“no toes”) socks, and certain t-shirts are his favorite. he’s talking all the time, with some incorrect pronunciation, but i’m too worried about it. he’s correcting them at his own pace and i’m ok with that. he loves going places, trains, the T, playing with daddy, snuggling mommy. he’s really getting in imaginative play. when jerry plays a new game with him, like with the farm and animals and the castle and dragon, he wants to play it over and over and in the exact same way as the first time. i love you micah alan!


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