ten things i’m currently loving


one. the warm weather and everything it brings. playing outside. eating outside. fires in the firepit. we ate dinner outside twice over the weekend and plan on doing it again. we’ve got charcoal for the grill, so we’ll be firing that up a lot here now.
two. ethan learned how to sign “please” and it just makes my heart burst every time he does it. it’s seriously the cutest thing ever.
three. the lumineers new album, cleopatra.
four. these shoes for micah for the summer. easy to slip on, and can get dirty/trashed. trying to find a cheaper option though.
five. feeling baby kicks again. never gets old! what the female body can do is a miracle!
six. spindrift. i’m actually sad this time around to be missing out on beer season. i finally discovered beers i liked last summer and can’t have any now. so, spindrift is helping.
seven. ethan first thing in the morning. he’s well rested, happy, sweet, snuggly and silly. a perfect combination.
eight. fruit. strawberries, apples, pineapple, oranges, pomegranates. they’re all good.
nine. bill peet books from the library.
ten. these sandals. i finally invested in a good pair of shoes. maybe it’s pregnancy or that i’m almost 30, but i want to be able to wear sandals all day in the summer and not have my feet hurt.


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