some obvious news


wagner baby number three coming mid september!
life is about to get a little more crazy and sweet
and we’re thrilled.

18 weeks along and i am finding things
are moving much faster this time around.
is it because life in general is much faster? not sure,
but for now, i am savoring these last months with
my two boys before we add another baby.

still undecided if we’ll find out. but if we do,
we’re not telling. if i can’t be surprised, then surprising
everyone else will have to do. i don’t think we’ll
even tell the boys, because i’m not sure how good micah
is at keeping secrets.

micah was asked by a neighbor yesterday if
he wanted another brother or sister. he said sister,
although i’m not entirely sure he gets what that means.


One thought on “some obvious news

  1. This is so exciting. I am so happy for you. I remember thinking that the second pregnancy moved faster than the first. Alex is still moving forward even today at age almost 25.

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