weekend links.

230a810bb5f848295c38d5b7fb4c379cthis little guy has ended up in our bed twice this week. i think he’s still adjust to no paci.  when jerry left (i was still in bed with ethan) he came to say goodbye and had a smile on his face. i asked him why, and he said “you love this.”. guilty as charged.

guide to what egg labels mean. (as always, i think there is some gimmick in labels and we should research before we assume the latest touted trend is something to buy in to.)

sorry bollywood remix. good stuff.

this is exactly why i couldn’t get in to fuller house. and it was just so cheesy too. i was disappointed.

i think this dress is pretty. in healthy green or orange spark.

i’m looking for a chance to try ina’s pesto recipe.

how cute is this play camfire?!

what to scimp and what to splurge on in the wardrobe.

have a good weekend!


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