a happy sort of day


we’ve had a nice day so far.

we had a pleasant morning around the house getting ready. i folded laundry and put it away while the boys ran around playing happily with each other. they’re getting so good at it these days. and for some reason it’s much easier upstairs. probably because play time up there is short. i got ready without having to moderate.

we went to the children’s museum and the boys had a great time. i love taking them places where they can play, have fun and be kids. i love when the employees interact with my kids. it’s great for them to interact with other adults and learn from different people. it wasn’t too crowded there too, which is nice.

i was able to keep both of the boys awake for the ride home, with the help of some chicken nuggets and fries, and they both are now asleep upstairs.

i’m currently relaxing and watching hart of dixie (not really loving it… any suggestions on what to watch?). i had to make a phonecall to achd and thankfully it was only a five minute phone call. normally, those phone calls are like forty minutes. win!

it’s a good day.


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